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This pilot episode introduces the concept of ‘Shunya’, the top 24 student innovations selected and jury expectations for this competition series.

In-depth knowledge on Ramdas’s safety innovation, Madhumita’s bio-material research & Prerna’s nutraceutical ingredient.

We learn how technology can help us improve the rural lifestyle, agriculture and paraplegic needs.

Check out innovations in technology in the times of urbanization.

Can innovations provide us with eco-friendly and health conscious solutions? Find out here.

Contestants explore possibilities of cost-effective and viable solutions in the fields of medicine and technology.

Our three contestants introduce Virtual Scada system, Nanofishing and ‘Eye-In-The-Sky.’

How do innovations like Smart Wheelchair, Urja-Sanrakshak and Solar Conduction Dryer come about?

Go green! Check out innovations like Agliculture, AUV and Single-seater fuel-efficient vehicles.

The winner takes it all. Find out which team triumphs in the Grand Finale of ‘Challenge for Zero’.

Get a glimpse of how Shunya is powering innovations in India.

The show that gave meaning to starting from zero is back with a bang.

The Challenge for Zero returns for Season 2 with new innovations, eager contestants and a tough jury.

Tune in to Shunya: Challenge for Zero, Season 2 only on ET NOW.

Ranjeev Rajan's Smart Cane has a face off against Rohan Paul's D-Lite Ultra product.

Rohan and Ashutosh have brought us one step closer to Shunya with their innovation Smart Cane.

Find out how ‘Shunya’ is powering innovations and smart business strategies only on ET NOW.

Team Injectable Silk Hydrogel brings us one step closer to ‘Shunya’.

This week’s contestants showcase ideas that can bring about change using the power of innovation.

Watch Indians collaborate with each other to achieve the Power of Shunya

This episode features new innovations to support tissue engineering, drug delivery and electronic displays for bio-medical purposes.

Srinadh Mattaparthi brings us one step closer to Shunya with his innovation Bio-Inspired Multi-Functional Surfaces.

Our two teams explore opportunity for change within crop transplantation and X-Ray model generation.

Watch innovations like Reviana and Bio-inspired Multi-Functional Surfaces take center stage in the effort to achieve Shunya.



The Power of Shunya wins the Silver Abby for the Best Non Fiction Program Series of Film at Goa Fest 2014.

The Power of Shunya wins four gold medals at DMAi Echo Awards in India.


TIMES NOW brings you Quest for Zero, an inspiring television series that examines critical challenges faced by growing India. It showcases opportunities and innovative solutions that will help shape our future in the advent of pioneering technology. In its journey, The Power of Shunya explores practical and sustainable science-based solutions to address issues plaguing our growing economy. Each episode will outline important challenges with a clear focus on developing sustainable solutions and looking into problems that need to be redressed by the means of Science and Innovation.

Power Of Shunya



DuPont, in collaboration with Times Television Network, presents The Power of Shunya™, an exploration of the companies, the minds and the innovations working together to ensure that India can achieve maximum progress with zero negative impact on its people and its environment. “Shunya,” the Hindi word for “zero,” is an ancient idea that once stood for “nothing.” Over time, the concept has been expanded to include a wide variety of initiatives to change India for the better.

At its core, The Power of Shunya™ is a collaborative and science-driven platform consisting of two inspiring television series - Quest for Zero and Challenge for Zero, both of which showcase companies and individuals that epitomize the spirit of Indian ingenuity and demonstrate the fact that science-driven solutions can help solve some of the key challenges facing India. The Power of Shunya: Catch every episode of Challenge for Zero every Saturday 4:30pm, Sunday 11:30 am and 6 pm only on ET NOW.