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The Quest for Zero series premiere gives viewers a sneak-peek into the challenges showcased over the course of Season 1.

Watch dairy industries work towards the goal of zero wastage and zero milk spoilage across India.

The third episode focuses on the manufacturing sector and its efforts to achieve zero workplace injuries and zero negative environmental impact.

Discover innovations and science-powered solutions of companies in the healthcare sector.

As waste becomes more of an issue, innovation in recycling plastics and e-waste look to help bring the problem of excessive waste to zero.

Episode 6 focuses on solutions to ensure uninterrupted power supply and achieve zero power shortage.

This episode takes a look at case  studies that are pushing the green limits for sustainable design, buildings and communities.

Can innovative techniques ensure a steady growth of energy supply in the long term? Find out in this episode.

In this episode, we examine how India will continue to keep its burdening population safer with each day.

Innovators show how sustainable techniques can be used for effective mobility and, in the process, achieve zero negative environmental impact.

This episode showcases measures taken to achieve zero wastage of water with zero contamination.

This episode highlights efforts taken today to achieve zero nutrition deficiency.

In episode 13, we take a look at sustainable methods adopted by companies and individuals to abate the growing risk of pollution.

Watch India’s leading visionaries take the herculean task of increasing agricultural produce head on.

With India growing at an exponential rate, can we strive towards zero workplace injuries and zero ineffectiveness?

In the season finale, panelists discuss and analyze various opportunities, challenges and solutions to achieve India’s Quest for Zero.

Join Manvi Dhillon in the Quest for Zero as India moves towards zero everything that hampers our growth.

India’s air quality has slipped 32 ranks in the World Health Organisation Global Environment report. Pollution levels are all time high in our cities, in our water and in the air we breathe.

Opening episode of Quest for Zero – Season 2 throws light on air pollution, the fifth biggest threat to people living in India.

The world health organization projects that over the next 10 yrs over 60 million people will die from a chronic illness in India.

Let’s find out how innovative thinking can change the face of healthcare in India.

Can science and technology help us reach zero education poverty? Let’s find out.

Can innovation help us achieve Shunya poverty in education? Let’s find out.

Despite India’s impressive global ranking in terms of food output. India is still the world’s Hunger Capital.27% of the world’s under fed and undernourished people are in India.

Let’s take a closer look at how innovation plays an important role in overcoming challenges of Indian agriculture.

Watch innovators take up the challenge of arresting climate changes in India.

Meet innovators who are on a quest for ‘Zero Carbon Footprints’ and ‘Zero Carbon Emissions’.



The Power of Shunya honored as Gold Stevie award winner in the Marketing Campaign of the Year - Agricultural / Industrial / Building category at the 11th Annual International Business Awards.

The Power of Shunya wins the Silver Abby for the Best Non Fiction Program Series of Film at Goa Fest 2014.

The Power of Shunya wins four gold medals at DMAi Echo Awards in India.


DuPont, in collaboration with Times Television Network, presents The Power of Shunya™, an exploration of the companies, the minds and the innovations working together to ensure that India can achieve maximum progress with zero negative impact on its people and its environment. “Shunya,” the Hindi word for “zero,” is an ancient idea that once stood for “nothing.” Over time, the concept has been expanded to include a wide variety of initiatives to change India for the better.

At its core, The Power of Shunya™ is a collaborative and science-driven platform consisting of two inspiring television series - Quest for Zero and Challenge for Zero, both of which showcase companies and individuals that epitomize the spirit of Indian ingenuity and demonstrate the fact that science-driven solutions can help solve some of the key challenges facing India. The Power of Shunya: Catch every episode of Challenge for Zero every Saturday 4:30pm, Sunday 11:30 am and 6 pm only on ET NOW.

Power Of Shunya


TIMES NOW brings you Quest for Zero, an inspiring television series that examines critical challenges faced by growing India. It showcases opportunities and innovative solutions that will help shape our future in the advent of pioneering technology. In its journey, The Power of Shunya explores practical and sustainable science-based solutions to address issues plaguing our growing economy. Each episode will outline important challenges with a clear focus on developing sustainable solutions and looking into problems that need to be redressed by the means of Science and Innovation.